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Securing Status

Riddingtons are here to provide the services of labour only subcontractors, under CIS eliminating the potential liability as previously shown by gaurenteeting the self employed status of each and every subcontractor.

Be wary of companies tat state they can pay all subcontractors under the CIS Scheme. Workplace circumstances will dictate the employment status of each individual. There is no blanket rule or approach to a self employment contract.

According to the 2014 regulations, records must be kept and statutory returns made for operatives who qualify to be paid on a self-employed basis. If HMRC challenge the status of individuals in these returns, can your payroll provider argue the case for you and pay any fines that may come as a result? We can gaurentee that we will.

Case law is stacked more than ever against respondents, and many providers simply do not appraise the status of the operatives they are paying. We rigourously check the status of each and every individual on a case by case basis ensuring we have secrued their self employment status leaving you with piece of mind.

We gaurentee you will be fully covered against any financial consequences if our contract should ever fail in a HMRC investigation. We have never lost a case however if we were to we would pay all the legal costs involved including any penalties raised as such. In short, it would not cost you a single penny!

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